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Golf is supposed to be fun. We make it hard. We try too hard and get upset when we do not hit perfect shots... you know... like the guys on TV! 

But think about this: golf is also about raising monies for charities. The PGA Tour is close to the 2 billion mark for local and national charities. Local charities have tournaments to raise money for their cause/disease. So golf is frustrating. It is not fun at times but it does good to help others. Think about it... you pay to play... you help a charity/cause. So have fun, enjoy the surroundings, enjoy the people you are with and be grateful—thankful—you can play and do not have what the charities are raising money to beat. Golf is golf. Golf is to be enjoyed. So enjoy and praise God you can still play!

<![CDATA[Dress The Part!]]>Fri, 15 Mar 2013 22:21:21 GMThttp://www.back9boys.com/blog/dress-the-partPicture
My game like many of yours goes up and down. Lately, mainly up as far as scores.  Seems I can’t get away from the 1-3 double bogeys a round, that will certainly make you score higher. I get frustrated and just want to improve and be more consistent.  So I will be working on it... and my swing, and my stance, and my grip, and my follow-through, AND my putting... 

Now one of the pet peeves that I have is that it seems that many of the courses have become VERY lax on their acceptable dress codes.  hey say no jeans and I see people on some courses wearing jeans. Wear golf shirts... I see people wearing t-shirts! Golf attire means proper golf attire… golf shirt, shorts or long pants.

Look the part.  Oh, I also see a lot of people with golf shirts that are not tucked in. Sounds petty, but it doesn’t look right!

I heard of a story that Rocco Mediate one day told another pro golfer when asked if he wanted to go over and say hi to Arnold Palmer, he said, "No, I haven’t shaved." Mr Palmer doesn’t like it when golfers don’t shave. Sounds petty, from one of the greats... but is it really?  Let’s keep the game where it should be... playing as much as we can, getting kids and women to play more, play from the correct tees to enjoy the game more and dress like a golfer. Until next time… get it on the green.

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Golf is a game of doing things right.  Most important is impact.  Not your swing, your hitch, your movement but how your club hits the ball at impact. There are many devices out there, teaching aids, which we, from time to time, talk about with our guests. Impact is key. Personally, I want to hit the ball more consistently, not necessarily father, even though that would be nice. As I get older, I know, most of the time, where the ball is going, just not always how far.  When I get everything right...tempo, posture, grip, then I am pleased with the results. There are some programs that offer physical therapy, personal trainers, mental coaches and swing coaches. I want to be involved in that kind of a program. Become more fit, physically and mentally, to improve my game. I will commit to it. When I get into a program like this, I will post my results, weekly, so you can see if and how I am improving. 

Some of you have asked about my scores, here are my last 10 scores.....85, 82, 81, 78, 78, 87, 79, 80, 80, 84.  Average score: 81.4. In April and May, I will be playing 108 holes in one days, two different events.  One for a friend who raises money for his ministry and the other for the Y to send kids to camp.  I will post my scores after each event. Stay tuned and keep playing as often as you can! 

<![CDATA[Heavenly Thursday]]>Tue, 28 Aug 2012 18:07:12 GMThttp://www.back9boys.com/blog/heavenly-thursdayLast Thursday I was in golf heaven.

Here is how it went... My friend, Rolf and I had a 7:45 am tee time at Bentwinds CC. Beautiful day, morning mist on the course. Great layout. Great conditions. We played in only 2:40... how great is that?

We went in early for lunch, had to wait for the kitchen to get ready. Had lunch, great food and service.

Then I had a board meeting with the Cary Y. After the board meeting, we went to Pinehurst to talk with Bob Hansen, co-founder of the Dormie Club and who happens to live in Donald Ross’ house on hole #3 on Pinehurst #2. What a treat! Bob graciously gave us a audio tour of the house that Ross built. This house is where he drew up his plans for courses, like #2, and how he slid across the office from his plans to his client and how he closed the deal. Great views from the house built in 1925. Thanks Bob, for the tour!

Then we went down the road to Pine Needles, home of the 2005 US Women's Open and a Donald Ross design. Teed off at 5:pm and finished about 7:45 pm. 

What a day… a day that we will both remember. 

<![CDATA[Move on!]]>Thu, 09 Aug 2012 19:22:17 GMThttp://www.back9boys.com/blog/move-onPicture
As I sit in the office, I am thinking where can I play tomorrow. But why wait until tomorrow? I can escape now...

Golf is a game, let’s not forget that. I have played it too seriously and got upset when I hit a bad shot... or several in a row. My frustration was high. Over the years I have learned a great deal about myself and the game of golf. It is much like life, we have our ups and downs and it is how we handle getting back up that is important. The bogey on the hole before… Forget about it! Move on! There is always another shot... and always another hole ahead to try again. We can learn a lot about the people we play golf with…how they handle themselves... or not! Remember the guys and gals we watch each week on TV make their living with golf, most of us do not!

Golf is a game for life. Enjoy it at your favorite course and revel in the day...the weather... the people you are with... and most of all, HAVE FUN. Oops, I’m up on the tee... Moving on!

<![CDATA[HOT GOLF]]>Thu, 05 Jul 2012 16:42:25 GMThttp://www.back9boys.com/blog/hot-golfEverywhere is hot. The beaches. The Piedmont. The mountains. Even golf. 

Temperatures reached 106 degrees in many North Carolina locales this past weekend... but that didn't stop my golf plans. Mill Creek in Mebane was my first course to tackle, and for being as humid and sticky as it was, the course was in great shape and played well. The course surprised me and I surprised myself. Didn't think I could play "HOT GOLF."

The next day, I traveled to Hound Ears Club in mountains, and again, course was in excellent shape. The Watagua River runs through this club at several points, and it breathtakingly beautiful at this time of year. Rolling hillsides with lush green foliage complemented the easy greens and agreeable approaches. I say "easy" and "agreeable"... I must've just had a good golf day.

Sunday we drove 30 miles north of Boone and played RedTail in Mountain City, Tennesee. This course sported a nice layout but played tough on a hot day.

Three days of golf in hot weather... and what the heck, I loved it. It's HOT GOLF. I can't stop.

<![CDATA[NOTHING]]>Thu, 21 Jun 2012 21:12:13 GMThttp://www.back9boys.com/blog/nothingPicture
Golf plays with your mind especially when you have a bad hole or just hit that bad shot. If you can't refocus and/or think about NOTHING... bad shots make more bad shots. I played in a Member-Guest last week and mentally, I took myself out of the round. I hit bad shots and lost whatever edge I had on the other team. We placed fifth. I've got to work on my mental game. It is hard to think about NOTHING when you play, but it is something that I have to master. Especially if I want to ENJOY the game.

When you play your best golf, what do YOU think about...? NOTHING! It just FLOWS when you play your best golf. Yeah, your mind may wander... but it never strays far from the center of NOTHING. I will continue to try to think about NOTHING, get into a better routine and play the game I love like it is supposed to be played... for FUN.

Thank goodness I do not make a living at it. Go play this week enjoy the company of your friends and soak up nature. Golf as it SHOULD be. And NOTHING less!

<![CDATA[Back9Boy June Adventures]]>Wed, 20 Jun 2012 01:34:38 GMThttp://www.back9boys.com/blog/back9boy-june-adventuresLast week, I had the chance to play in the First Tee of the Triangle event at Old Chatham. What a great course, it was in great shape. The event raises money each year to help kids learn life skills thru golf.

Then I had the chance to play in the Rex Hospital Open Pro-Am with Brad Fritsch from Holly Springs. Our team, Capital Broadcasting, was 21 under and I think we placed third. Brad, our pro, hit a drive on #9.. 374 yards, it was a great shot! I was over 125 yards behind him and I thought I hit a good drive...

On Friday, some friends and I went to the mountains and on the way played GrandOver in Greensboro. It was a nice day until about half way through and we got caught in a lightning and thunderstorm. It rained so hard... sideways at times... and one of the guys had to empty his bag filled with water. So we left for the mountains of NC. We played Hound Ears Golf Club, a great tight course between Boone and Linville; Red Tail in Mountain City, TN, a nice mountain layout; and then we played Linville Ridge CC. Great golf with friends on great courses, what a blessing it was!

That's it for this week, got to work on the show for next week. Hit 'em straight or at least find 'em.